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St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing

St Charles Centre for health and Well Being

Client: NHS Kensington & Chelsea Primary Care Trust (PCT)

Overview: EARTH was appointed by the PCT to spearhead “a radical review” at St Charles Hospital (and surrounds) for an exciting new Centre for Health & Wellbeing, a centre of health innovation, based on the vision for the community set out by the PCT and its successors, the CCG.

Kensington & Chelsea wishes to use a Victorian hospital site, St Charles, to develop a new model of service delivery offering an innovative approach to health promotion, health care and wellbeing. The project aims to create a real synergy with the new community hospital by bringing people into the site and focusing on health promotion and improved health outcomes for the local community.

EARTH has developed a scheme which fully cross funds the preferred health and wellness services within the listed hospital building through the release of the surplus estate around the listed buildings.  The structure and approach is to retain the listed buildings and redevelop them into flexible space for health and wellness services.




Medical Respite Centre

Medical Respite CentreClient: London Pathway

Overview: EARTH has been appointed as advisors to UCLH and The London Pathway Trust in connection with the creation of specialist facilities for the homeless in London. Work by London Pathway has already demonstrated the value of a specialist "homeless" team in managing care pathways for patients with very complex needs.

The new proposal is for a Medical Respite Centre, designed to provide much needed medical care and help to break the cycle of hospital readmission. 

EARTH has been appointed to assist in writing the proposal, market testing, finding a suitable building and putting together both a funding strategy and a delivery strategy.

EARTH was appointed by Pathway in 2011 and the project is currently on going.

Earls Court Health Centre

Earls Court Health CentreClient: NHS Kensington & Chelsea

Overview: EARTH was commissioned by NHS Kensington & Chelsea to carry out an exercise to successfully deliver a new innovative, community-based Health Centre at Earls Court focused on health and wellbeing rather than illness. The site was an Old Sorting Office on Hogarth Road, near Earl's Court tube station.

EARTH undertook the successful market testing of the “social enterprise” health market and in partnership with the Primary Care Trust,established a procurement strategy and developed initial design proposals.  EARTH set out a programme of work with NHS Kensington & Chelsea to successfully open the new Health Centre in Summer 2011, which takes forward a model based on putting the patient at the centre of service delivery with wellbeing of the whole person as the key drivers to success.

EARTH worked with the procurement team to successfully deliver a new centre run by the third sector.




White City

Springfield HospitalClient: NHS Hammersmith & Fulham

Overview: EARTH has been commissioned by Hammersmith & Fulham CCG to lead on their community engagement programme for their new Collaborative Care Centre, to open in 2014.

The new Centre will provide 36,000 sq ft of health and social care, in a new building and provides exciting opportunities to integrate health with well being.

EARTH has worked with local GPs, health professionals and patients to ensure that the every opportunity is taken to use the building to deliver services in new and innovative ways eg: using volunteers extensively to meet & greet people, and to run user groups, ensuring the building is a hub of community information and activity, and that health promotion messages are an integral part of the new building’s ethos.