News - March 2015

Housing, Care & Health – NHS London Opportunities Briefing

The following is extracts from a briefing produced for senior NHS executives, Hospital Trust non executives and politicians.


NHS Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (NHSCL), has come into existence at a time of unprecedented change in the National Health Service (NHS). 
A paper, Better Care, Closer to Home: Our strategy for co-ordinated, high quality out of hospital care. 2012-2015, has been formed by the NHSCL.
The paper outlines how hospital care for the people of Central London will be transformed and covers:

  1. A three year strategy review (years 2012-2015).
  2. The need to carry out a strategic estates review = Surplus assets.
  3. The ageing population.
  4. Opportunities to maximise the NHS London estates.

In January 2015, the Smith Institute issued a paper: “are housing associations ready for an ageing population?”.  The key findings are set out in this document.






  • The housing market is not geared up to meet the massive increase in the ageing population.
  • By mid-2030 there will be over 16 million older people, nearly three million being over 85.
  • The current planning policy is also inadequate to the scale of the challenge.

Housing, care and health: the need for a joint endeavour at local and national level:

  • The Government needs to lead more decisively and promote a much stronger ethos of joint endeavour between health, care and housing. I.e.:

    Strengthen the guidance to Boards and to CCGs on the potential for housing investment and services to improve outcomes and reduce cost pressures

    Support the development of financing models, including social impact financing, in order to overcome the problem of funding preventive action from budgets under heavy pressure from current demands;

    A clear, serious, evidence-based, policy statement along the lines of the 2008 National Strategy, updated to reflect developments in health, care, planning and housing policy;

    Reform capital funding so the scale and focus of public investment in older people’s housing matches more closely the scale of the challenge and the potential benefits for older people and long term public spending pressures.  


  • The National Planning Policy Framework identifies older people as a specific group in the population for which councils should make provision in their assessment of housing need and planning for new housing.
  • The Government needs to:

    Create a new special planning status for older people’s housing, like affordable housing;

    Recognise the extra costs in developing retirement housing in policies on S106 and the community infrastructure levy (CIL);

    Set quotas and incentives for reserving land for older people’s housing, linked to joint strategic needs assessment and health and wellbeing strategies for local areas.

28TH January 2015 -


Stakeholder engagement:

  • Community & public engagement strategy.
  • Accommodation – integrating health and housing.
  • Complementary uses – improving care facilities to aid the implementation of the NHS three year strategy.


Flexible spaces & valuing heritage:

  • Responding to future demands and delivery.
  • Proud public buildings.
  • Regenerate the heritage.
  • Cross funding to enable the improvement of existing facilities and changes as out in the paper, Better Care, Closer to Home, by the NHSC


  • Self financing re-developments.
  • Enabling development capital value from redundant and surplus buildings.
  • Not a sell off of NHS assets.
  • Good buildings = Good health.